What is inside a wind turbine?

And how are they made…?

Here I  have included a short introduction of a Wind Turbine and there uses?

These are the same Wind Turbine Blade types, that Swift Composite Prototypes Ltd., manufacture in a wide range of sizes to suit the various models of Wind Turbines that are made here in Ireland and for export across Europe.

A Wind Turbine

This is the same family of Wind Turbines that are in use on many Wind Farms across the world. Their main purpose is to generate electricity that is used within the Renewable Energy sector, by harnessing the free power available in natural resources that occurs in various parts of the planet.

Population Growth

Until recently, these were only seen on Land that was not suitable for farming, such as on low mountains & hills, but that is all changing now?

As the pressure is on governments to produce more low cost energy from Renewable Resources, to satisfy the growing demands of industry and population expansion.

It has now become common place to see mid-range size Wind Turbines in coastal city regions across Europe.

Europe Plans

Europe has set out plans for the large scale use of Renewable Energy Resources over the last few years.

Now coastal regions have seen the developments of extensive use of coastal wind farms spring up in many countries.

Here large numbers of wind turbines are used to help fulfil the energy needs of the countries requirements.