Swift Composite Prototypes Ltd.

Have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team who have been involved in composites design, manufacture of patterns, tooling, prototypes and subsequent production of components for a wide range of industries to meet high quality international standards.

About Us Wind turbine Samples in Action

We have competent engineers in their field of composite manufacturing for the Renewable & Green Energy sector.

We can help solve your composite problems from design work to completion, in a cost effective manner!

Swift Composite Prototypes Ltd.   

We are committed to saving energy and resources in our new manufacturing plant.

Our experienced and highly skilled team are delivering quality parts for our clients in our home markets and abroad.

Various components are made for use in vehicle manufacturing, industrial engineering, civil &construction industries, surface and under water products, wind turbines, leisure facilities and racing car body parts.

Where possible we use automated manufacturing processes, as production times are then reduced to a minimum.

Composite Technology.

We work closely with all our customers individual composite build projects, where confidentiality is maintain throughout the life of the project exploration and development phases.

We can advise and recommend the combination of best material structure, compound finish and colour where necessary.

We maintain a close working relationship with government departments and various leading universities active in our field of the composite engineering industries both at home and abroad.

Having this level of close cooperation means we are working at the leading edge of this technology which is now used extensively in the renewable energy sources in both marine & wind sectors.  

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