Hello to all my visitors, it’s great to have you here again today, join me in this video that will give you an insight to where this industry is heading, with the use of composite materials that is in many projects around us now and will be more so in the future…?


This is a really exciting time to be involved with these wonderful materials that can be made into almost any shape of structure, light weight and very strong, these are some of the most important key factors for there use!

Here in this video you can see how NASA are making use of new composite materials for space travel.

Now I hear you say; hang on a minute! what has NASA got to do with us here in Ireland? well yes, here in Dunleer..! well quite a lot?

As Swift Composite Prototypes Ltd are manufacturing various parts for a wide cross section of industries that are using some of the same Composite Materials for end products here in the home market and for export into various countries across Europe.

Now I hope you can take the time to enjoy this video and take onboard, that we too are at the leading edge of this new expanding industry, right here in Dunleer.

“Find out how NASA and other industries are using composite materials to change our world.

Segments include: Composite spacecraft, Airplanes and the “X Prize winner”