Alex Electric Car Project


We took an altogether different approach from the mainstream car builders to the concept of building an electric car. We approached the whole project from the point of view of addressing the problems currently associated with electric cars in general and also public perception of electric cars as a workable alternative to the internal combustion engine.

Not being hampered by 100 years of history, existing factory production lines and set ways of doing and thinking things, effectively we had a blank sheet to work on.

What do the motoring public in general think of electric cars?

  • Poor Range: Will I get to where I want to go tomorrow? How much will I need to plan for that journey? If I have a second car should I take that instead just to be sure that I make that meeting? Have I the time to recharge on the way?
  • Poor Acceleration: Will I hold up everyone else? Will I be able to safely overtake?
  • Top Speed: Do I have a realistic top speed?
  • Looks: Aren’t electric cars ugly looking?
  • Safety: If they are lighter can they be as safe?

First of all the question that nearly everyone is concerned with is the expected range of the car popularly termed “range anxiety”. Traditionally cars have been made from steel and other heavy metals. While they are moving to lighter materials gradually by and large your average car today is still 90% steel, aluminium and alloys.

Not so with Alex!

 It will have very little evidence of your traditional car build materials opting instead for some novel and radical materials to achieve massive weight reduction.

The car will be made of ultra – lightweight advanced composite materials including Carbon Fibre (used extensively in formula 1 car technology) and Kevlar (used in bullet proof vests/glass).

It will weigh in more than 30% lighter than most similar sized cars, while being both stronger and safer at the same time. Just imagine what this will help do to the range, the acceleration and the top speed?

Next add a powerful AC motor with regenerative braking coupled with the latest advanced nanotechnology batteries (hidden underneath and along the full length of the floor) providing superfast charge capabilities with a huge energy storage capacity. Running the length and width of the roof, underneath the lifting roof will be an array of lightweight solar photovoltaic cells, which will provide a small amount of extra power to the car as well as helping to pump back some charge into the batteries when the car is not in use.

Now you have a picture of how we expect to double the range compared to the traditional car companies, but without compromising on safety.

This car not only looks futuristic with its lifting roof and doors, but also will be packed with the latest technology including a tablet that is removable from the dashboard and will allow you to communicate with the car remotely assisting in pre-heating, charging etc.

It will in addition have all the latest up to date technologies to make driving once again a pleasurable experience.


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